DashAgent - A Real Estate Industry | Eric Pankey

Founder Bio

Eric Pankey, is no stranger to the real estate industry and business world. As an avid real estate investor for the last 35+ years, Eric has purchased millions in residential and commercial property. He is a retired CPA, has owned more than a dozen successful businesses, and started a charitable organization that has awarded more than $35 million in scholarship funding to underserved youth.

After 20+ years, Eric retired from a Fortune 500 company, where he developed new systems to streamline business processes in accounting and human resources. Despite retiring from this industry a decade ago, Eric’s passion for developing creative technology solutions to solve business problems never waned.

Leveraging his extensive industry and technology experience, Eric founded DashAgent.com and NoReferralFee.com with the goal of creating a better solution for all parties involved in the home buying or selling process. Eric is driven by fairness and believes that agents and their clients should reap the benefits of a successful sale or purchase—not the referral company. In creating Dash Agent, Eric maintained the value of a referral company, but shifted the savings to the client. The result? A referral company unlike any other that allows both parties to walk away feeling as though they’ve won.

Aside from business, giving back to others is something that’s always been very important to Eric. As such, Dash Agent donates $200 to a charitable organization for each qualified referral they receive through the Tell-A-Friend program.

In his free time, Eric can be found spending time with his wife, three sons and close friends.