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Below is an analysis of how the Dash Agent system compares to other referral systems.

Competition Model 1 : Real Estate Referrals Aren’t Always What They Seem To Be

There are hundreds of websites that market themselves as go-to solutions for home buyers and home sellers. They claim to match home buyers and sellers with real estate agents based on transaction statistics and agent performance ratings.

However, here is the inside secret. The sites are operated by real estate brokers that partner with numerous agents throughout their network. The agents in the network have agreed to pay a referral fee to the real estate broker that is 25% to 45% of the agent’s commission. It’s a great deal for the referral service but the home buyer or seller does not receive any immediate savings.

Sure, you’ll likely end up with a qualified agent, but the value simply stops there. Although this business model is the most widely used, it produces no immediate savings for the home buyer or seller. With Dash Agent, our goal is to save you money at every step in the process!

Competition Model 2 : Agents Deserve Fairness Too 

In the last few years a new model with a slightly different twist on the traditional referral service has emerged. The new websites match home buyers and sellers with real estate agents in their network. Their network of agents have agreed to rebate a portion of their commission back to home buyers and sellers. The rebate is typically 27% of the agent's commission. On the surface this looks like a pretty fair deal. However, if you take a closer look this is not a win-win scenario for the agent.  

The inside secret is, the website operator also functions as a real estate broker and they charge the agent a (25% - 45%) referral fee. The referral fee is in addition to the rebate that is paid to the buyer or seller. That means the agent must pay 27% to the home buyer or seller and pay the referral company, leaving the agent about 40% of the typical commission. 

This does not seem fair to the agent. As a result, many of the top performing agents are unwilling to participate in these programs. 

The Dash Agent Model

At Dash Agent, we believe that agents, home buyers and sellers should be the ones to reap the benefits of a successful purchase or sale not the referral company. Our model provides more value to home buyers and sellers, while also attracting top-performing agents into our network.

With Dash Agent, the money that would typically be paid to a referral service is paid to the home buyer or seller. Our buyers and sellers receive 1/3rd of the agent's commission. The savings to home buyers and sellers is typically 20% higher than the amount other program users receive.

At Dash Agent, nothing is more important to us than ensuring the success of your home purchase or sell - and that begins with working with the best agent in your area. The Dash Agent model is designed to fairly reward top agents for the value they provide, ultimately ensuring that our clients have the very best real estate experience available today. Our buyer/seller dashboard provides users easy access to expert tips and insider secrets that can save our buyers and sellers thousands.

Simply put, the Dash Agent model provides more savings to our users and fairness to top real estate agents. The Dash Agent system is free to use and easy to love.

Let’s start saving. Dash Agent will show you how.