Frequently Asked Questions

We provide several ways to contact us. After you login into your buyer/seller dashboard, click “Ask Us” on the menu. The page will show 3 methods of contact.

  1. Use the “Ask Us” form to give us feedback, ask a question or share a new expert tip.
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  3. Call us at: (470) 357-6888

Top agents typically will not negotiate rates one on one. When you ask for a rebate you represent only one client. When our organization negotiates with an agent, we represent many well-qualified buyers and sellers. Paying a referral fee is standard business practice for agents. In this case, the referral fee is simply paid to the client.

Many of the agents that advertise rebates or discount listing are part-time or inexperienced agents. We match you with a top agent to ensure you get quality service from a knowledgeable professional. Using a bad agent could cost you thousands more.

Agents spend time and money searching for new clients. We bring financially qualified buyers that are educated in the home buying process to agents in a competitive market. Under these circumstances a rebate or discount on the listing is a win-win proposition for both agent and the client.

Home buyer rebates are legal in 40 states. In 10 states they are banned. The Department of Justice’s official position is that home buyer rebates are a positive innovation and should be legalized nationally. However, as of now. Rebates are not available in the following states:
1. Alaska
2. Alabama
3. Iowa
4. Louisiana
5. Kansas
6. Mississippi
7. Missouri
8. Oklahoma
9. Oregon
10. Tennessee

No. The IRS announced in 2006 that buyer’s agent commission rebates are not taxable. However, it is critical that the rebate be disclosed to the lender. The rebate needs to be considered when the lender calculates the funds required from the buyer.

If you are relocating as part of a company move, there might be special rules. Ask the agent what you will need to do in order to work with him or her.

Yes. The agent agreement should describe how the rebate will be calculated. The lender will use this information to calculate your loan approval amount and the cash you will need to provide at closing.

Yes. Get a fee/rebate agreement in writing from your agent. Make sure it does not contain any broker fees or other charges that would reduce your rebate.

Typically, you will be matched with an agent in 24 hours. You are not obligated to choose the agent we select for you. If for any reason you are not happy with the agent we matched you with or would simply like to speak with another, select "Refer other agents" from the menu selection and we will provide additional agent proposals. 

Yes. We only partner with full-service top performing agents

Agents and other providers pay a fee for each client referred to them or that utilize the service provided by the vendor. The fees offset the cost of advertising the program. Although, some providers pay a fee to be included in the Dash Agent Market Place, we have selected the companies we refer to clients based on the value that we believe the companies provide our clients.

No. Agents are NOT charged a fee to join the Dash Agent network. However, we are very selective about the agents that are allowed to join. We work only with top performing agents that have a history of success.

Our matching algorithm identifies agents that are experts in your desired area and have a track record of success. Agents must have a strong online presence and positive online reviews. DashAgent users also provide feedback that impacts an agent’s rating.

Agents must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience, positive online reviews and a history of success in the marketplace.